Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Wedding .... a Promise between two people who believe Love ... they Promise to Keep each other, take care each other and Love each other. But, when we will decide to marriage, a big journey has been started. they will fine a big trouble.
1. how about take care Husband and Wife
2. how about take care children
3. How about cooking
4. How about cleaning house
5. How about washing the cloth
6. How about sweep
7. How about the other cost for family ...
How about it ... How about That .. How about everything ....

how about family. 2 Big Family must be 1 Family ... How can we collate all characters ??? Oh Noo ..... I can be cRazy if think all about that !! 

i ReaLLy waNt to feeL a Marriage ... i Tired to make a RelationShip for 8 year with You ... Hmmmmm ..... When U wiLL marriage Me ?? u Promise me this Year !! i Wait It !!!

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