Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my Relationship at Junior High SchooL

before has a relationship with Him, i ever make a relationship with my classmate. hahahaha.... he is skinny, ugly, dark skin, very untidy..... oh No !!! i just start my relationship with someone like him ??? Just beggining, i guess !!!!

but, i feLL save beside him.. he always take care of me. yeaahh .... we are over at i feeL a little bit love to Dani ... so,, Good Bye, darLing !!!! jiakakakakakakkkk ...

i am is a typical unfaithful girl. hehehe.. at start my relationship with him, someone Like me. in fact, i don't like him. i just want to make him repentance. cause he is a smoker, bad boy and so on. so, i agree to be her girLfriend (of course dani don't know about it).

i feeL if he (affair) can't different. aarrrgghhhh ... i Just waste my time!!!!! so, i over that relationship and i heard from my friend, if he is more bad after i end our relation. I DON'T CARE !!!!

Back to Dani.. he going to another city (Jakarta) for music school. He love music. but, he has fighting with his parents, so he back to Sangatta. he's really different. he never open mind with me, never make ma happy. "i think he not yet love me"

But, we just flow this relationship. untiL my parents get our letter. and i don't know WHY MY PARENTS SO ANGRY IF I HAVE A BOYFRIEND !!! DAMN !!! i don't care with them. i stiLL continue our relationship. everyday my mom shout at me, hit me.. she said "U ARE A CHILDREN!! U HAVE TO STUDY!! DONT MAKE A DATE WITH ANYBODY!!! " i just cLose my ear and then cry... and i whisper, "thank you mom!!But, i can't!! i Like him. So, i wiLL be with him"

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