Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Short thought

i start my relationship with him at March 5th 2004. From Junior High School , Senior High School , coLLage and untiL now.

too much story in our relation. i khow him in everything !!! His attitude, His Word, his family, his gesture if Lie to me (his sound will be different and he won't to see my eye. But, something i can't do to him !! MAKE HIS RELATION WITH HER PARENT BETTER!!

Ohhh... God..... that is my main purpose for his Life !!! but,, i can't. i Just crash our Life .... :(

tired.. i just want a Wedding :( ... his parents Like disagree with our relation!! Why ?? am i a bad girL ?? am i ever hurt their family ??

Okee.... Just keep Pray !!! i Need to Pray....pRay and Pray .....

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